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Small Room Acoustics - Trevor Wayne Howard
Scott Weiland - Lavish Studio
The Who - 50th Anniversary Tour
Client Spotlight - Composer: David Baerwald
Tips and Tricks - OSX Yosemite Batch Renaming
Studio Dynamics - Sound Treatment or Proofing
Welcome to the first Audio Perception newsletter. We hope you find it to be interesting, informative and entertaining. We plan to release an issue each month, and will do our best to keep you coming back for each one. Our goal is not to create a sales platform full of ads, but instead a place where we can share information, thoughts, tips, and any cool things we want to with our clients, opening a new channel for us to keep in touch. Hope you enjoy.
Small Room Acoustics - Trevor Wayne Howard

Small room acoustics is a challenging problem to conquer. With so many people working from their homes these days, it happens more and more that we are asked to take a room that is a small rectangle, and make it sound great. tevorstaticAs you can imagine, a space like this needs careful treatment to assure that the reflections are tamed, while being careful not to make it too dead. With four drywall walls, a hard ceiling and a hard floor, you have to make good choices with regard to the type of sound control you choose, and their placement. TV and Film composer Trevor Wayne Howard called moreB4
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For free this month is the TAL-Chorus-LX! TAL-Chorus-LX models the chorus built in to the Roland more
Just iOS
One of the most-used music related apps on my iOS devices is the iStroboSoft strobe tuner! The tuner works...  read more
gear74Featured Service
Choosing the correct piece of furniture is one of the most important items to get right in your studio... read more
Recent News 

The SCL's “WorkFlows of the Pros” seminar with Trevor Morris and AP was held at AFI’s Mark Goodson more
Featured Used Item
Ampeg SVT vintage bass head with rolling case. Reconditioned by old school Ampeg service tech. Now $300 off... read more
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Free layout design with any Primacoustic kit purchase.
The Primacoustic London 8 is the ideal acoustic... 
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Scott Weiland - Lavish Studio
Everyone knows Scott Weiland as the singer from Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, but now he is also known as the owner of Lavish Studios in Burbank, moreb2
  The Who - 50th Anniversary Tour
Frank Simes, Musical Director for The Who, is the person Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend are counting on for The Who’s 50th Anniversary Tour to run more
Client Spotlight - Composer / Producer: David Baerwald

David is busy at work on a new "David + David" record with his good friend David Ricketts. He’s also releasing a new book, A Stain Upon The Silence – The Collected Lyrics Of David Baerwald, on C2 Editions. As if that weren’t enough, David is also developing a television show with Stacey Sher, who has produced a long list of films and television series over the years, including The Fisher King, Pulp Fiction... read moreB4
Tips and Tricks - OSX Yosemite Batch Renaming

New to Yosemite is the ability to batch rename files/folders. Quite handy for a folder full of pictures, audio files, documents, etc. The process is fairly simple, just select the group of files that you want to rename, [Control] + [Click] on the group of selected files, then in the contextual menu choose “Rename XX Items…”. read moreB4
Studio Dynamics  -  Is sound treatment the same as soundproofing? 

Welcome to the first edition of Studio Dynamics, a monthly column created to help you understand what's going on in your studio. Whether or not you have a pro studio, home studio or just a workspace in your home or office, it is important to have the space setup correctly, to help achieve the best results and make it comfortable to work in. Each month I will cover a topic that will help you to understand your working environment and create improvements that will make you more efficient, get better sounding results, and help you gain a complete understanding of your equipment and what you have to... read moreB4
Featured Event
We will be exhibiting at Game-Sound-Con and would like to offer you $125 off admission when you use our code... read moreB4