Acoustic Treatment and Install

There are many different ways to approach treating an acoustic space. Audio Perception is here to help you choose the best solutions for your unique project. We can provide many products from track and cloth solutions, to custom or pre-made walls panels and acoustic products. AP also offers design and installation services to make sure that your space looks and sounds amazing. Whether you have a recording studio, post production room, home theater, conference room or maybe just a noisy office, home, resturant or public space, Audio Perception has the products and experience to make it look and sound great.

  • Acoustic Treatment Design and Installation

  • Custom Solutions or Pre-made Products

  • Panels, Bass Traps, Clouds, Diffusers and More

  • Acoustic Products and Hardware Sales

  • Post Production, Editing or Mixing Suites

  • Home Theater and Home Construction Soundproofing

  • Conference and Boardroom Design and Install

  • Restaurants, Offices and Other Public Areas

Tech wiring and integration services
Design acoustic treatment services
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