Transcenders - Gossip Girl, Knocked up, Black Eyed Peas

"Audio Perception provides a service that has proved invaluable to us. When we recently made some major software and computer upgrades in our studio, we called on AP to help us get it right the first time. David and Jason showed up, answered a barrage of our questions, then went to work on our system. In addition to performing the upgrades we needed and taking care of a list of other problems we were having, Jason came with suggestions on how to make our workflow more efficient, and our data sharing easier. By the end of the first day we were calling him "The Wizard" because we couldn't stump him. Gossip_Girl_for_MenuThere is very little margin for error when you work in the world of television and film scoring. Deadlines are tight, so downtime can be hazardous to your health and well-being. We used to stress out about these things, now we just call our boys over at Audio Perception to help us take care of business."

Mike, Terence and Brian - The Transcenders  TV and Film composers

Film   - Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Harrold and Kumar 2, Super Bad
TV     - Gossip Girl, Outsourced, Joey,  20/20 main theme and music
Music - Black Eyed Peas
Commercial - Target, Volkswagon, MicroSoft, Old Navy, Nike, Clairol, Levi's