Jake Monaco / Composer for film and TV

"Audio Perception did all the wiring / layout / helped design the custom desk and amazing outboard rack / got me most of my gear for my new studio — David and his team are AMAZING — I can NOT recommend them more — David is a great guy - great attitude and wants to make the project the best and is PROUD of his work (I am finding that there are so many people who just don't really care all that much - David does)"
Jake Monaco / Composer for film and TV

Randy Goodrum - Songwriter

Randy Goodrum“There are times when upgrading is a necessary, and sometimes scary process for us in the music creation business. There are so many options; expert advice is essential. Jason Atkinson quickly determined the perfect solutions for my particular needs. I highly recommend his services to any composer/songwriter/producer that needs smart, cutting edged equipment choices that are tailored to fit that particular clients needs.”  
Randy Goodrum - Songwriter

Chris Potter - Sound Editor/Mixer Post Modern Group, LLC

postmodern-logoJust a quick note to say thanks for your hard work in getting the new audio room (Audio 2) put in and running. On only my second day working in the new room, we had our first official Hyundai session in Audio 2 yesterday with 6 of their producer/writers in attendance. Our 3 hour ISDN tracking (with directors via phone patch from Chicago) went off without a hitch. Your efforts allowed Hyundai to have a smooth first experience in the new room and help maintain their confidence in our facilities moving forward.

Well done and thanks again,

Chris Potter - Sound Editor/Mixer

Post Modern Group, LLC
+ 1.949.608.8700 main
+ 1.949.608.8729 fax
Los Angeles|Chicago|Toronto|Montreal|Vancouver|London
Beirut|Bahrain|Dubai|Beijing|Hong Kong|Singapore

Tyler Barth - Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones LogoDavid and Jason at Audio Perception are consummate pro's. They are the invisible soldiers that makes things happen and have been the secret weapons on my last couple projects. Most important, you can always count on them to deliver on time even when the clock gets really tight. It's been a pleasure working with them on the House of Rock and Esquire's Magazine's Ultimate Bachelor Pad, and I look forward to working with them again on my next project.

Tyler Barth - Vice President, Business Development & Entertainment Relations/Blue Microphones

Jack Wall - Composer

"As a busy working composer, I regard my support team with as much importance as my own contributions to the scores I write. I rely on the guys at Audio Perception during any emergency to get my rig back in working order fast. But also I regularly strategize with them on the latest ideas to design and implement the most efficient workflow for my clients. They've also helped me create a rock solid backup system that keeps me confident that I'll never have any serious data loss. I hope to work with these guys for many years to come!"

Jack Wall - ComposerJack-wall


Video Game Credits:

Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie
Jade Empire
Myst IV: Revelation
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Wrath Unleashed
Unreal II: The Awakening
Myst III: Exile
Evil Dead: Hail to the King
Animorphs: Know the Secret


Bruce Healey - Composer

Bruce Healey"I'm glad to recommend Audio Perception as a valuable resource for technical consulting. I have been happy with their suggestions and solutions to my audio production system and pleased with the quick response I've gotten from them when I need help. I'm glad to know Audio Perception as a reliable source for problem solving as well."

Bruce Healey - Composer

Fantasmic! Score Disneyland
A Capitol Fourth
The 66th Annual Academy Awards
The 63rd Annual Academy Awards
Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Disneyland Fun
The 60th Annual Academy Awards



Joel Douek - Film / TV Composer

"I cannot recommend Audio Perception highly enough.  They are true professionals in the design, building and troubleshooting of music creation audio systems, but most importantly, their active and established relationships with many of the top film and TV composers in the industry means they have a special insight into our particular needs, and how the evolving technology can best serve us.  It is also this bank of knowledge that they represent that led me to feature them in the SCL event: "Music Technology for the Working Composer", and the information that they provided there has transformed mine and others systems and workflow.  They are also highly personable and their prices are very reasonable.  It doesn't get better than that!"

Joel Douek - Film/TV Composertallman


The Tall Man
The Wildest Dream: Conquest Of Everest
Flying Monsters 3D
David Attenborough`s First Life
Discovery Atlas Revealed
Hunting The Egde Of Space
The Last Mermaids
As The Call, So The Echo
The Link

Kerry Muzzey - Film and Television Composer

"When it came time to beef up my studio and expand -- which meant setting up a multi-Mac system running Logic and hosting ProTools quietly in the background, all while sync'ing to video -- I realized that I was officially in over my head when it came to technology. The tech aspect of composing had suddenly become overwhelming and stood in the way of my being able to write music. This is where Audio Perception came in: I turned the whole thing over to Jason, who advised me about what I needed to purchase, arming me with all the minimum tech specs in advance of my gear shopping, and then spent two days with me in my studio getting everything set up. He did all the heavy lifting: everything from the wiring between macs and interfaces to setting up the preferences across multiple machines. He did the Logic setup for me, explained everything step-by-step, and even came back for a half-day to help me put together my template and do a refresher on how everything worked. AP took the "overwhelming"glee2 out of the equation and in 2 days handed me what would've taken me months to figure out on my own. You know how people say ""if you need help, I have a guy"" -- well I now have a guy, and it's Audio Perception."

Kerry Muzzey - Film and Television Composer


A Holiday Engagement
What Happens Next
The LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers
The Legion
Getting Out Alive
Apocalypse How
Big Pun: The Legacy
Clash of the Cave Men


Kent Gibson - Film and Television Sound Designer & Mixer

Kent Gibson"Jason is a prince. Everything working. I am DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY. Thanks again. I will send a check as soon as I get an invoice. You two are the undisputed kings of Pro Tools!!!"

Kent Gibson - Film and Television Sound Designer & Mixer


No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story (Documentary) (sound mixer)
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (Documentary) (sound mixer)
Moving Art: Oceans (TV Movie documentary) (supervising sound editor - 2014)
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible (Video documentary) (supervising sound editor)

Sophie B. Hawkins - Recording Artist/Songwriter/Producer

Sophie1 "David Knauer and his team are the best in the business. They have set me up, taught me everything I want to know about Pro Tools, engineering and how to optimize / personalize my studio.  I recommend Audio Perception to everyone who is serious and passionate about their work and want the best quality.  I am truly independent and free to work because AP has given me the tools, I feel confident and excited about my creative set up, and if I ever have a question he or his team answer it within minutes.

P.S. I've worked with them for almost 10 years."

Recoding Artist/Songwriter/Producer
Sophie B. Hawkins



Transcenders - Gossip Girl, Knocked up, Black Eyed Peas

"Audio Perception provides a service that has proved invaluable to us. When we recently made some major software and computer upgrades in our studio, we called on AP to help us get it right the first time. David and Jason showed up, answered a barrage of our questions, then went to work on our system. In addition to performing the upgrades we needed and taking care of a list of other problems we were having, Jason came with suggestions on how to make our workflow more efficient, and our data sharing easier. By the end of the first day we were calling him "The Wizard" because we couldn't stump him. Gossip_Girl_for_MenuThere is very little margin for error when you work in the world of television and film scoring. Deadlines are tight, so downtime can be hazardous to your health and well-being. We used to stress out about these things, now we just call our boys over at Audio Perception to help us take care of business."

Mike, Terence and Brian - The Transcenders  TV and Film composers


Film   - Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Harrold and Kumar 2, Super Bad
TV     - Gossip Girl, Outsourced, Joey,  20/20 main theme and music
Music - Black Eyed Peas
Commercial - Target, Volkswagon, MicroSoft, Old Navy, Nike, Clairol, Levi's


Josh Kramon - Veronica Mars, Cupid, Big Shots

"David and Jason at Audio Perception have been an indispensable part of my studio running smoothly.  I couldn't get by without them.  Whether it's studio design, solving equipment problems or mixing, these guys always find solutions and always have a great attitude."Veronica_Mars_for_Menu

Josh Kramon - TV and Film Composer


Party Down
Big Shots
Veronica Mars
Kevin Hill
Life As We Know It


Lisa Jaime Feature Film Music Editor

"David and Jason have proven to be lifesavers many times over, especially to someone like me who is always on a tight schedule.
They've helped with everything from configuring new systems and fixing tricky problems, to just being able to quickly explain how the latest new "something" works, when I don't have time to sit with the manual.  Audio Perception gets my highest recommendation."


Lisa Jaime - Feature Film Music Editor

The A-Team
Rocky Balboa
Christmas with the Kranks
Panic Room
Toy Story 2
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


Danny Pelfrey - Felicity, Spin City, Guiding Light , Star Trek

"I just wanted to say a few words of thanks to the guys at Audio Perception.  For many of us the days of having a full time assistant and tech around have passed due to shrinking budgets.  My studio still remains as complex as ever, now even more so.  When I decided to consolidate, simplify, and re purpose a lot of my computers, I really needed some help as I am most definitely a not a good tech!  I got real lucky when I met these guys.  They came in, consulted, and took notes.  A few days later they came back and did everything I needed.  They had good ideas and suggestions everywhere I needed them.  And on an ongoing basis they continue to be there for me and always provide the support I need.  I recommend them every chance I get and everybody who uses them has the same experience I did.  And they're nice guys!  What more could you ask for?"Felcity

Danny Pelfrey - TV and Film Composer


6 BMI awards/2 Emmys
Joseph King Of Dreams
Spin City
American Dreams
Guiding Light
Strong Medicine
Star Trek franchise for Activision
Owner and CEO of Amusicom Production music

Notre Dame High School

"Audio Perceptions is AWESOME!  As director of Television Production and a teacher, I need to be on the pulse of media technology, Audio Perceptions is always there to lend a helping hand in providing me with all of our Digital Editing Needs!  They have a hands-on approach when explaining the details to me about what I need to know as a teacher teaching the equipment to students.  I have their number on Speed Dial, in my Blackberry to call them at the first sign of trouble.  You guys ROCK!"

Elisia Harkins - Director of Television Production Notre Dame High School


Alibi Music Library

alibi logo“I’m so happy to work with David and Audio Perception.  He has incredible ears and a great attitude.  He is responsible for mastering the entire Alibi catalog and it sounds absolutely amazing.  He is extremely knowledgeable in all things sound and all things technical and I can’t recommend working with him enough!”  
Jonathan Parks - President / Alibi Music Library

Dominic Messinger - Intervention, One life to Live

Dominic_for_Menu"In the world of TV and movie music deadlines, you need to be able to trust your support team.  The crew at AP are knowledgeable, tireless and dedicated.  They continue to customize my setup in ways that not only improve the technical sound and quality of my music but also enhance my creativity and workflow.  Ahhh, the left brain and right brain in perfect harmony."

Dominic Messinger - Emmy award winning TV and Film composer