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10.05.2015 19:53

iStroboSoft strobe tuner info and download links

by Jason Atkinson

One of the most-used music related apps on my iOS devices is the iStroboSoft strobe tuner! The iStroboSoft Tuner is from Peterson Tuners, who've been in the strobe tuner business since the mid-1950s. The tuner works great on both iPhone and iPad and is also available for Android devices. Features include your choice of automatic or manual for note selection, indicators for cents, Hz and midi note, adjustable concert A frequency, drop/capo key adjustment, calibration mode for external reference, and a selection of color tints for the interface. On iOS only you’ll find a noise filter function and an input boost. Also, on the iPhone and Android phones, you can go into a full screen display of the strobe. All in all this is a really handy app for a mere $9.99 on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

iStroboSoft™ for Android and iOS - Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. The leading manufacturer of real strobe tuning equipment for professional musicians, technicians, manufacturers, and educators since 1948. Check out a Peterson Strobe Tuner today!

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