AP's new electronic newsletter

We have been planning for quite some time now to release the Audio Perception electronic newsletter, and we are proud to say it is finally almost here. The plan is to send out the first issue at the end of September or the beginning of October. We are excited to finally have a way to connect with our clients to share information, thoughts, tips and more. It will also give our clients a chance to explore all of the services we offer, as we find that a lot of clients only know us for the service they hired us for, but don't realize all of the other great services we provide. Our goal is not to create a sales platform full of ads, but instead to have a place to connect with our clients on another level, opening a new channel for us to keep in touch. Some items we will have reoccurring every month, like the "Free stuff", "Tips and Tricks", "Client Spotlight", "News Stories" and our "Featured Service" sections as well as an area dedicated completely to iOS. We will also have articles that change each month sharing valuable, interesting or entertaining information, and a list of current events occurring in the audio industry. We will end it with a new column called "Studio Dynamics" an on-going monthly column dedicated to topics that will help you to understand your working environment, and create improvements that will make you more efficient, get better sounding results, and help you gain a complete understanding of your equipment and what you have to work with. Hope you enjoy.

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