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09.10.2014 15:11

Mac OS - "The Installation Failed" - Tech Workaround

I encountered an error while setting up an older MacPro to run Pro Tools HD8 and Apple Snow Leopard OS, 10.6.

First, I successfully installed Mac OS 10.6 from DVD. When trying to run the 10.6.4 combo update, it failed with the message:
"The installation failed. An unknown installation error occurred. The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer."
Which is, of course, Apple! I tried other 10.6.x combo updates, same error occurred.

After some research on the web, it appears this error can occur due to the date the computer is set to. In this case, I was installing an older Mac OS into a computer set to 2014. Must be something to do with certification files being out of date.

In the "Date & Time" preferences, I disabled "Set date and time automatically". Then manually changed the date to 2011 (just randomly chose a previous year.)

Once that was done, I was able to successfully run the Mac OS Combo 10.6.4 update. Then upon completion I enabled "Set date and time automatically".

Something to keep in mind to try for anyone who may come across this error.

See the image below for a pic of the error.


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