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03.05.2013 04:30

Serato Pitch 'n Time compatibility alert!

Serato has not updated Pitch 'n Time Pro for Pro Tools 10. Current version is 2.5.1. The Serato website states specifically:

We do not currently have a release of Pitch 'n Time that supports Pro Tools 10, and do not have any announcements to make about a future release date for Pro Tools 10 compatibility. We are in ongoing discussions with Avid about Pro Tools 10 compatibility.

Serato will continue to offer free technical support to owners of Pitch ‘n Time with currently supported software platforms (including Pro Tools versions 7 to Pro Tools 9).

There are reports or successful use of Pitch 'n Time with Pro Tools 10 on Macs running Snow Leopard, OS 10.6.8, but Lion and Mountain Lion seem to be problematic with Pitch 'n TIme.

Please keep this under consideration if upgrading to Pro Tools 10 on a Mac running Lion or Mountain Lion.

For more information: Serato - Pitch 'n Time compatibility statement .

Edited by jasona - 03.05.2013 04:31

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