Esquire House update

esquirestudio1The site of incredible technology and impeccable design, the 2010 Esquire house was a huge success. Designer Denise Kuriger and strategic partner Blue Microphones teamed up, to create a one-of-a-kind Recording Studio for Absolut® Vodka that was the center of musical activity throughout the fall.  Visiting the room you were first be drawn to the generous lineup of instruments and amps from Gibson and Fender, Moog, Orange, Korg and Meinl. Next is an impressive array of digital recording and mixing equipment, including a Pro Tools HD3 system from Avid, an SSL Duality console and a complete set of microphones from Blue mics , all augmented by Waves’ Horizon bundle plug-ins; a custom isolation booth from; and top-of-the-line contributions from Apple, Argosy, Genelec, Grace Design, Monster Cable, TC Electronic, and Whirlwind. With a $500,000 arsenal of state-of-the-art musical instruments and equipment, the musical talent visiting the Recording Studio was stellar.  Click the picture to see our esquire photo gallery or click "here" to go to the Esquire house Facebook page. View the original article "05/10/210"