Phase Three Install with Post Modern Creative

postmodern-logoOur work with Post Modern Creative continues. Over the past few years, Audio Perception has planned and implemented major upgrades for PMG's Pro Tools HD based audio production room in two phases. As their volume of business has steadily increased, the time has come for phase three. For Post Modern Creative to keep up with the audio production work load, they needed to build a complete new second room from scratch to mirror their main room that we built last year. To accomplish this, we had to plan and acquire the necessary hardware and software to match the two rooms. PMG went with two new matching Mac Pro computers, one for the new Studio B, the other to replace the current Mac Pro in Studio A. Their current Pro Tools system is an HD Accel based rig, so we had to track down used HD cards and matching 192 interfaces. Plugins also had to be matched between systems, and a Telos ISDN unit was installed. We also had Audio Perception's custom wiring department create various DB25 analog and digital audio snakes to connect the I/O to the machine room. They already had Mackie monitors in Studio A, so to keep consistent between the rooms, we added a complete set of five Mackie monitors and a JBL sub to Studio B. We also setup both rooms with Studio Technologies Studio Comm Model 74/75 5.1 surround monitor controllers. Once Studio B was up and running, and the upgrades to Studio A were complete, we finally had both rooms properly tuned by Jerry Stecking of JSX Audio. Post Modern Creative is now up and running with two mirrored studios, ready to tackle their growing audio production workload.