roberthaas1It's 2000 miles from Nashville to L.A. That sounds like a title for a country song, but that's how far songwriting team Robert Haas and Kristin Massey recently moved. Robert wanted to close down his Nashville studio and setup shop here in Los Angeles, so they relocated from Nashville after many years away. The duo's music career got off to a big start in the late eighties with their band Red Siren, and their 1989 hit song "All Is Forgiven". Today they continue to write and produce music for themselves and other artists. Just as Robert was leaving Nashville, he decided to purchase a new SSL AWS-924 analog mixing console. Audio Perception was asked to design, setup, and integrate the new room in L.A. with two 96 point patch bays and new custom wiring for all his outboard gear and the console. We also installed Primeacoustic panels in the room for proper sound control, along with a pair of Sound Anchor roberthaas2speaker stands that make a noticeable difference in the punch and focus of the low end response. Just off the bedroom there is a bathroom that doubles as a vocal booth. AP pulled the necessary wiring, and made a custom snake box for mic, line and headphones, as well as installing Primacoustic Scatter Blocks to finnish off the "Vocal Booth". The area we transformed into Robert's writing and mixing room was fairly small, but with careful planning and Primacoustic room treatments, it's turned into a great sounding and very functional creative space. Robert is thrilled with the new setup and he and Kristin have been busy working on new material.