Composer David Baerwald makes a move

DavidB1This month we have another studio move on our hands.  As TV and film composer David Baerwald was getting ready for a new season of the CW's series Life Unexpected, he decided to move his private studio to a new location that would better serve his needs.  David is a multi-talented songwriter, producer, musician, TV/film composer, and even an artist himself.  His credits range from Sheryl Crow, ABC's October Road, Waylon Jennings, and the Bangles front woman Susanna Hoffs, to country star LeeAnn Rimes and Luciano Pavarotti.  Headed up by Audio Perception's Jason Atkinson, we sent in a team to design a plan for the new location and then oversee the equipment being moved.  Next we added a new Apple Mac Pro running in 64bit mode, hosting Vienna Ensemble Pro, and updated all of his software on two computers.  Last we got the two Macs talking to each other and sharing audio through the Apogee Symphony System.  David was back up and running in just a few days and starting to score for the new season.