Starting phase one of the design and install at Post Modern

This month we begin what will be an on going project this summer with Post Modern Group.  Post Modern has offices in Burbank, Irvine, Las Vegas and London.  We will be working with Post Modern Creative, a division based out of the Irvine CA office that does all of the audio and video production for Post Modern.  We met with chief engineer and mixer Chris Potter to discuss the needs for their audio mixing studio.  To accomplish their goals we planned a complete redesign and rebuild of the room.  Since this would take a bit of time to design and complete, and they had some immediate goals, we decided to do the project in two phases.  The studio was running two Pro Tools rigs on G4s, one Mix system with version 6 and one 002 running version 7.  So this week we are bringing in two turnkey Mac Pros with all software and hardware pre-installed by Audio Perception.  One is an 8-core with an HD3 and the other is a 4-core with a Digidesign  003, both running version 8.  We are setting up the computers and testing them ahead of time to keep install time to a minimum as Post Modern's schedule is very busy.  Stay tuned for phase two including stripping the room of all equipment, wiring, furniture, and wall treatments and then starting over. View the updated article "14 June 2010"