Rick Marvin gets a complete machine room re-wire

OC_MarvinWAT_MarvinBusy film and television composer Richard Marvin (Without A trace, Three Rivers, In Treatment, The O.C., Six Feet Under) finally had a bit of down time this week, so he called in Audio Perception.  AP's Jason Atkinson has worked with Rick for many years now helping to keep his studio running and keeping it up-to-date with new technology.  Over the years David has also worked closely with Rick's music editor, Scott Schirle, helping out with music editing duties and sitting in on the dubbing  stage for shows like "The O.C.".  Rick used to have all his equipment in two very large "quiet" racks in his studio.  After building out a separate machine room last year, these large racks were no longer needed.  The plan this week was for Jason to come in and clean up the machine room by removing the old racks, and implementing and installing two new 42 space steel server racks.  All the gear had to be removed, cleanly re-racked, and then re-wired into the new ones.  The machine room is now more organized, much easier to cool, and much easier to tech.