Mix Magazine: Mastering for Music Libraries

mixlogo1For over six years, AP has been mastering music for TV and film music libraries. Tom Kenny, the Editor of Mix Magazine, asked APs David Knauer to write an article for this month's "Mastering" issue.  For the article, we decided to use our most current and challenging project, mastering the entire Alibi Music Library to showcase how we work. The four page article discusses the entire process from importing the files all the way through to delivering the final masters back to the client.  It also covers our setup and equipment used, as well as the plugins we used, and the processes we created to handle thousands of songs.  The songs come in from many different composers all created and mixed under different circumstances.  This creates a very challenging environment to work in and the article explains how we accomplished the task and achieved the end goal which was to provide a consistent tone and audio level throughout the entire library.  The library covers a vast array of music and includes many genres and styles of songs.  Check out the December issue of Mix for the entire story, and listen to our work at our mastering page "here" or at the Alibi Music Library web site.