House of Rock update


Back in August, we told you about a project we were working on for the House of Rock.  Well the opening went great and by now they have recorded over 50 bands and used every room in the house to record in.  One of the goals of the project was that it had no restraints on where people could record at.  With this in mind, we designed a system that allows them to record all over the house.  Three rooms, which were the farthest ones from the studio, each received a custom wall panel designed with mic inputs, headphone system connections as well as video and Cat6e connections.  This system allows the HOR engineer to send and receive anything he wants in these rooms.  Check out our "Photo" section to see the studio and click "here" to see the House of Rock gallery.  Check back soon for more updates and photo's coming up. View the original article "08/15/2012"