Let Audio Perception Clear Out Your Old Equipment

macpro1192smThis year we have done a lot of updates for our clients.  Pro Tools HD to HDX trade upgrades have been popular, as well as many people growing into a newer Mac Pro or DAW software.  Each time we do an upgrade for a client, we end up with a surplus of gear that is older but still in great condition.  With all this great used stuff available, we decided to start a new consignment program for our clients.  AP will now take in your used equipment and list it in our online store, as well as our eBay store and other outlets. That way you can sell your stuff fast and never have to see the buyer or deal with Craigslist ads.  It's never been easier to part with your old gear and get some quick cash.  Coming next month, we will launch a system in our store that will let you login and see our entire used inventory in a searchable database so you can find what you are looking for.  You can also email or call us anytime to see what we have in stock.