Composing Music For Alibi Music Library

chexmixalbertsonsMost of you know that for the last year and a half we have been involved with a massive mastering project covering thousands of songs for the Alibi Music Library.  What you may not know is that we have also composed over 65 songs that are currently available for licensing.  AP's Jason Atkinson has showcased some of his special playing skills using instruments like banjo, accordion, pedal steel, ukulele, mandolin as well as his usual arsenal of acoustic and electric guitars, keys, bass, drums and percussion, all played by Jason.  Songs cover a wide range of genres including Acoustic, Bounce Rock, Country, Fun Rock, Rock Grooves, Uplifting Rock and Warm as well as a group of acoustic based Holiday songs.  Working with our other composers, we did a few Island and some Aggressive tracks also.  Songs have been heard this fall in a Chex Mix commercial and an Albertsons grocery store ad. You can hear more of our work in our "Media" section or at the Alibi Music site.