VKLA's Control Room Wiring

vklaWe get a lot of calls from VKLA, Vintage King's Los Angeles office and showroom, to do installs and tech support for their clients.  Just this summer we installed a complete control room for Canadian Producer/Songwriter/Engineer team Van Howes, and we got called in to do tech support for Jeffrey Osborne, as well as many other of VKLA's high-end clients.  But this month we got a call of a different sort.  We were asked to come in and wire the control room for their own new showroom.  We installed all of the cabling for the API and the SSL consoles, as well as four racks full of equipment.  The most unique feature of the room is a custom audio and speaker routing system that allows the VKLA clients to monitor audio from multiple sources through 2 different consoles.  From there you can listen through all of the best brands of audio AD and DA converters and listen through a variety of different sets of speakers.