Music veteran Jane McNealy builds a new website

Music veteran Jane McNealy is building a new website.  Jane has had a long career ranging from working as a staff writer (composer/lyricist) for Mercury records, Liberty records and All For One Publishing, as well as scoring many films and TV projects.  Under the wing of famed orchestrator and pop icon, Harold Battiste, she has over 200 songs published and recorded, not counting special material & music from musicals.  Speaking of musicals, when Jane decided to create a new website for a project see is working on, she turned to Audio Perception for help.  AP has been helping Jane with many projects over the past 6 years.  We maintain her recording studio, give her private lessons in Pro Tools, MIDI programming and recording/mixing, and also help with audio engineering of her sessions when they get intense.  Jane hired AP to work with her on her new project of building a website that lets someone follow the process of making a musical from conception to completion.  She is using a play that she has co-written with Alice Kuhns called "The Griffin and the Minor Canon" (based on the book by Frank R. Stockton) to demonstrate the process.  We met with Jane this week to help her design the site and create a road map that our resident web guru Craig Martin will be using to create the site.  Stay tuned for updates and a sneak preview as it comes together.