AP helps a private client in Irvine CA move his studio

Irvine_After_ThumbIrvine_Before_Thumb_In March, Audio Perception got a call from a client in Irvine CA who needed help with a unique project.  We install studio's all the time but we don't get asked to move one often.  Our client had a studio in a home he was selling so he obtained a Chris Pelonis designed studio in a commercial building that recently became available and wanted our help moving in.  First we went in to dismantle his home studio and wiring.  The next day, we loaded it into a moving truck and cleared out the old studio.  This was a delicate job as there were lots of tube gear along with speakers and furniture.  We finished the day by getting everything moved into the new studio.  We then spent the next week installing all new wiring, a new patch bay system, adding a producers desk and more.  You can view pictures of the complete install by clicking "here" or check out the before and after photos "here".