Notre Dame High School Goes Digital

NDHSdigiswitchWe have be working closely with NDHS for over ten years now, providing tech services, products, and consulting for their TV Production course.  Headed up by Notre Dame's Elisia Harkins, the school has a three year course, TV Production I, II, and III, available for students to take.  This year we provided and installed five 24" iMacs running Apple's Final Cut Pro and a whole new updated video control room.  We started with a custom made floor box in the stage area where they shoot.  It has four SDI video inputs, as well as inputs for mics and hookups for the headphone and tally light systems.  This all feeds into the control room where AP installed a brand new DATA Video HD video switcher and communication system, along with a mac tower with an Aja Kona card to record the SDI digital output of the video switcher live.  Working closely with the NDHS staff, AP continues to provide an ever-growing, and now digital, production environment for the students to learn in.