A Study in Gravity with Michael Haussman

GravityLast September Audio Perception was asked to help out New York Artist Samuel Bayer with a live art viewing he was doing in Los Angeles. (Read more here)  This month director, writer and artist Michael Haussman, has called upon AP's services to help with another amazing art project.  Through Michael's film company, Person Films, we worked with him to set up a test of what will be a touring live video art exhibition.  The test involved syncing 5 large video screens and 5 mac mini computers each playing an uncompressed HD video stream.  We set up the display in our Downtown Los Angeles office loft space to simulate how it will be in a museum.  This way, Michael was able to preview the display, and make any changes before he created the final versions.  Learn more about Michael's vision for the piece "here" or view his main web page at