AP Post cleans up audio on a live Guns & Roses video


Audio Perception Post got a call this week from video editor Eli Green to ask for help with a Guns & Roses project he is working on.  Eli was hired by Palmeria Pictures to edit a promotional video for DeLeon Tequila featuring a live performance by Guns and Roses.  The problem was, the only sound recording they had came from the on-camera microphones and was far from optimum.  After receiving a last minute distress call from Eli, we grabbed an OMF file he had placed on our client FTP and then got to work.  Using various filters, EQs, and other Pro Tools plug-ins, we were able to mix together and manipulate several tracks.  We then placed the finished output back on our FTP for Eli to grab.  Before he had finished the video's edit, he had a audio track that could live up to the picture quality.  Click Guns and Roses to see an excerpt from the video.