HOR and Rolling Stone's 50th Anniversary

rolling-stone-logo-300x73hor1August is an incredible month at Audio Perception.  After a very successful project in 2010, "The Esquire House Bachelor Pad of the Year", AP was again asked to join forces with famed designer Elaine Culotti, Blue Microphone and SSL on another huge project, the House of Rock. For this one, the HOR also recruited VKLA, JSX Audio and the studio's creative leader, Grammy award winning producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig.  The House of Rock is a beautiful old house that is being turned into the ultimate rock and roll dream home.  The HOR will be used for charity events to raise money for great causes like Music Unites, a non-profit organization that funds after-school music education programs.  HOR will also be used by Rolling Stone magazine to promote their 50th anniversary coming up, as well as events for sponsors Clear Channel, I Heart Radio, Verzion and more.  AP was enlisted to do all of the design, install, wiring, and integration of all the equipment provided by SSL, Vintage King LA, Neutrik, Belden and more.  The studio takes up the entire 1800 sq ft attic space, and is going to feature products that aren't even released to the public yet.  I can't say or show you much more yet, but we'll have lots more to tell you and show you in the next month to come after the official September opening, so check back soon. View the updated article "11/23/2012