AP Post Mixes The Ghostmaker

Ghost-makerAudio Perception Post is off to a busy start this year. Just after completing three short films for the festival circuit at the end of 2011, we took on a nice project for the acclaimed conceptual artist and illustrator, Mauro Borrelli (Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleepy Hollow, and Captain America, among many others.) The Ghostmaker, which is Mauro's directing debut, is on its way to Europe where it will show on the big screen across eight countries including 52 screens in Germany. Here in the states, distribution is being handled by Grindstone and Spotlight and it will be seen on TV and DVD. Fotocomics Productions, Mauro's film company, had a great EFX, foley and sound design team work hard over last summer creating a great soundscape for us to start from. With this, APP took the Pro Tools sessions of dialogue, EFX and music, did a whole bunch of prep and organization, then mixed the entire film in 5.1 getting it ready to play on the big screen. We are looking forward to working on Mauro's next film later this year, as well as a film for The Ghostmaker's producer, Ed Polgardy.