Roger Daltrey's Music director calls

tommy2fs_picBusy musician and music director Frank Simes, who's worked with such legends as Mick Jagger, Don Henley, and Stevie Nicks, recently finished a stint with Roger Daltry of The Who, taking "Tommy" on the road. Now he's readying a tour of Quadrophenia with Roger and Pete Townsend. A large part of Frank's work with the tour is arranging instrument and vocal parts for the band, planning and recording any backing tracks for the show, and making sure that everything is running without a hitch. For backing track playback on the tour, AP's Jason Atkinson setup Frank's MacBookPro with MOTU's Digital Performer, several sound libraries, Apogee hardware and various plugins. The portable rig was also setup for any composing Frank might need to do while on tour with Roger. In addition, each concert date was recorded into a Pro Tools rig. Having used Pro Tools in the past, Frank is mainly a long time Digital Performer user, but also needed to start using Pro Tools again to do mixes of the shows. Jason was called in again to provide one of Audio Perception's most sought after services, personal instruction. Frank is now back up to speed on the Avid DAW platform and Quadrophenia is well on its way to hitting the road.