Joel Douek's Studio Upgrade


Audio Perception's Jason Atkinson and Craig Martin were once again implementing workflow concepts from the Society of Composers and Lyricists Music Technology Symposium.  Joel Douek, another recent L.A. transplant from New York, was the organizer and moderator for the SCL music technology event.  He is an award winning composer and instrumentalist, whose music has appeared in numerous television episodes, documentaries and various national commercials and films.  Some of Joel's recent work include scoring the film "The Tall Man" featuring Jessica Biel, and Flying Monsters 3D for National Geographic.  Joel uses a Pro Tools HD system as his main composing rig, but he wanted a secondary Pro Tools HD system for lay backs and for movie playback via Avid Video Satellite technology.  So Audio Perception went to work setting up the new Pro Tools system, installing the hardware and software, configuring the computer, and getting it all tested and working.  The new setup is working out great for Joel and he's very satisfied with the results.  AP offers a sincere "thanks" to Joel for including us in the SCL panel and we are looking forward to the follow up panel happening later this year.  The first symposium sold out and was received with rave reviews, don't miss the next one.