2012 NAMM Show


The 2012 NAMM show was very exciting as expected. There were a lot of new products to show off from brands that Audio Perception represents, like Radial Engineering.  The brand new Radial PowerTube is a 500 series unit that features Class A design, with a low-noise 12AX7 tube and a Jensen transformer.  It is sure to be a must have addition to your 500 series rack or lunchbox. As of this year's NAMM, AP is now a proud authorized reseller for the Slate Digital, Steven Slate Drums and Slate Pro Audio line of products.  This includes the impressive Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor that AP uses for mastering the Alibi Music Library.  Slate Pro Audio also debuted The RAVEN X1 Production Console, showing yet again, that Steven is thinking for the new age of audio production.  With innovative features that meet the needs of the modern audio engineer, in the modern DAW-based recording studio, there's nothing else like it out there.