Upgrading Composer Jack Wall

Jack-walljackwallcompJack Wall, another Society of Composers and Lyricists event attendee, also wanted to implement some of the concepts discussed at the Music Tech Symposium.  Jack is a very busy and accomplished film and video game composer with many titles under his belt.  One of his most recent projects was the score for Mass Effect 2, from the Canadian game developer Bioware.  For Jack, AP's Jason Atkinson and Craig Martin went to work first taking his studio apart, then they got busy putting it back together, installing a new machine room rack for all four CPUs and new Pro Tools hardware.  Jack's retired Apple Macintosh G5 was put back into service as an Avid Pro Tools HD system that will be used as a monitoring, layback, editing and delivery system which runs in sync with his Mac Pro Logic rig.  The machine room is now clean and organized, the new workflow and signal flow is working out well for Jack, and he's very happy with the studio upgrades.  Stay tuned for Phase 2 in early 2012 as we help Jack build a custom workstation, add new speakers, and add acoustic treatments to tune his room.