SCL's Kerry Muzzey


AP is helping busy film and television composer Kerry Muzzy with various upgrades to his studio. Kerry, a recent L.A. transplant from New York, has composed music for commercials and trailers, and various shows on Discovery and History channels, along with music placements in the FOX television show, Glee, and many more.  Kerry is a member of The Society of Composers and Lyricists and after the first time we worked for him, he recommended us to his SCL friend Joel Douek.  Joel created the Music Tech Symposium for SCL and asked David and Jason to represent AP on the panel.  The SCL event was a big success and Kerry wanted to implement some of what the technology panel discussed that evening.  We set up Kerry with a separate host system for his orchestral palette, consisting of a MacPro 8 Core, Vienna Ensemble Pro, and various music libraries.  We used the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server's proprietary network audio/midi solution to stream audio and midi data between his main Logic Pro system and the Host MacPro.  Another addition will be a Mac Mini running Pro Tools 9, setup as a stem recorder/layback machine synced to the Logic system for printing stems and enabling Kerry to deliver a Pro Tools session for final dub stage mixing.  Kerry is thrilled with the studio upgrades and the enhancements to his session workflow.