Update for Kitten Robot Studios

Josie_Cottonalbumkitten_robot_20110927_2035532200We are getting closer to completion of Josie Cotton's Kitten Robot studio.  The wood floor is in and the control room wall treatments are about 70% down.  We still have to build the diffused wall treatments for the live room and we just received a 10 ft Argosy desk that will hold the C24.  The desk also has two rack expanders that hold the BAE and Radial mic preamps, patch bays, Furman Headphone system and other outboard gear.  It also includes a producer's desk section that will hold a 21 inch monitor on an arm down inside the desk that will let the LCD go from lying flat on the surface of the console to raised up into working position.  We're also adding a 27 inch monitor on an arm to be mounted on the surface of the console.  Next week we install the desk and begin to wire the studio for audio, video, computer, and ethernet.  Check out our updated photo's here.