New York Artist Samuel Bayer's Cocoon

Transitions Exhibition at Siren Studios The Art of ElysiumWe ended the summer with something a little different for Audio Perception.  David Kemp, the art director for New York City-based artist, Samuel Bayer, contacted us to help him out with a special viewing they were setting up in Hollywood.  They built a large art piece to showcase a movie trailer they created for a feature film that B Pictures will be releasing next year.  The large "Cocoon" will house three large LCD TVs and four speaker systems that will allow visitors to pass through the length of the exhibit while viewing and hearing the trailer along the way.  David contacted AP to help design and install the LCDs and speakers.  This was an extra challenge because not only did the A/V system have to be high quality, but it also had to look good as the equipment would become part of the exhibit.  AP counted on the live sound and A/V experience of our tech, Craig Martin, to not only design the system, but to install it as well.  Check out some photo's here.