Billboard hit maker Josie Cotton's new Studio

JoseyStudioA few months ago, Paul Roessler, Billboard hit maker Josie Cotton's producer and engineer, called AP's David Knauer to discuss a project they were starting. Just as her new single was hitting the BillBoard Dance charts at #12, they had taken on a 2000 Sq ft loft space and wanted to build a studio. Over the next 2 months Audio Perception worked closely with renowned studio designer, Jerry Steckling of JSX Audio, to design, construct, and completely finish a turn-key studio solution that fit their budget. Kitten Robot Studio features a large control room, a live tracking room, a second isolation/amp room, a separate machine room and a large office area. The studio is designed and built from the ground up in an empty loft space so all area's had to be considered including electrical and HVAC. The studio will feature an AVID HD3 running on a mac pro with a C24 console atop an Argosy console. It will also have mic pre's from BAE audio and a large assortment of Radial 500 series modules. Check back soon for the whole story and lots of pictures including a series of photos showing the process from start to finish.