Alibi music library set to launch

alibi_logoAP's engineering team have been frantically working for the last three months on an amazing project for a brand new music library.  Jonathan Parks, previously of Beyond Music, has created a unique new library set to launch October 10th.  We have taken on the challenge of mastering the entire library for a smooth consistent sound throughout the entire 1000 plus songs.  ALIBI Music Library will offer a catalog of music exclusively produced and mastered to fulfill the genre, structural, emotional, and editable needs for picture.  It will feature brand new tracks covering all genres, with constant production of new material, as well as a full classical and trailer FX catalog.  Free accurate, creative, and intuitive music searches that are provided to you within minutes of your request.  Most tracks also include multiple alternate ending options for easy editing. AP has also contributed 50 original songs written exclusively for Alibi.  Over the next year, the library is set to double in size as well.  Check it out here.