AP, The Product Factory and Primacoustic

Screen_shot_2011-08-01_at_12.45.18_PMProd-Fact1When it came time for one of Los Angeles's busiest video and film post houses to upgrade, The Product Factory called on Audio Perception and Primacoustic to help with their new audio room. The Product Factory has been known for years as the place to go for video editing and finishing, but they would send any audio work out of house. So to keep these project at home, they brought in audio mixer William Levins from Green House Post.  AP was also came in to get an old video playback theater room turned into an audio mix dub stage. We used a variety of Primacoustic Broadway panels for broad band frequency absorption, Max Traps for low end control, a Stratus ceiling cloud system and FlexiFuser rear wall diffusers to turn the untreated room into a finely tuned machine. Check back soon for updated picts of the finished room.