Notre Dame High School adds NewTek TriCaster

ndhs1At Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, Audio Perception has been providing support for the TV production department since 2002.  We keep all of the Apple iMac based Final Cut Pro student lab stations running in the NDTV classrooms and handle tech support for the instructor, Elisia Harkins. We also provide support for their three camera digital video stage and the mobile system used to shoot live sports and events around the school. Lastly, we handle the computer clean up and prep before the start of each new school year. This year, a kind NDHS alumnus generously donated a complete NewTek TriCaster broadcast system to the NDTV class. tricasterThe TriCaster is a very advanced and professional A/V broadcast solution that will provide the NDHS (do you mean NDHS, right??) students with real-world broadcast experience and deliver excellent quality video for streaming and archival use. The TriCaster will be configured as a portable rig to be used for recording all home games for all sports programs and all special events at the school, including the graduation ceremonies. All games and events will be broadcast in real-time over the internet and, afterwards, all footage will be available on the school website, as well as on all social media that NDHS utilizes. Audio Perception’s video specialist, Brett Collins, was brought in for the TriCaster integration and basic training. The system was setup on a portable AV cart that students can easily transport around the campus as needed.

With the TriCaster setup and running, Elisia Harkins and her students are excited to start using the new system.  So far they have used the TriCaster to record and broadcast various sporting events and this year’s graduation ceremony and the students now have the experience of using a truly professional digital video system.