Hilton and Alibi song updates

250px-Hilton Hotels logo.svgA new Hilton promotional radio campaign licensed the Alibi Music Library track "Spool Table", written by Audio Perception. Several radio spots were cut, and broadcast in several major markets, including Los Angeles. Jason Atkinson, one of the composers at Audio Perception, describes hearing the Hilton radio spot while driving around Los Angeles:

"While driving around L.A., between appointments, I had 95.5 KLOS on the radio and I kept hearing a particular radio spot. I was thinking to myself that the music sounded like something you'd hear from the Alibi Music Library. After hearing the radio spot a few more times, a Hilton hotels radio spot, the music sounded more and more familiar, almost like I knew the track. After I got home later that day, I visited the Alibi Music Library website and searched for music we had done. I found a track called "Spool Table", which sure sounded like the track I recalled hearing in the Hilton commercial. So I emailed Jonathan Parks at Alibi, asked him about it and sure enough, that was our track. It's always kind of exciting hearing our work blaring from a radio or television."

Audio Perception continues its productive work with Alibi Music, providing mastering for the entire library, and composing more tracks.