New Facility With Three Rooms for"Let's get it started in here!", exclaims, in the 2005 Grammy winning song. Just one of many hits from the very talented wrapper, singer, songwriter, musician, producer and engineer William James Adams, aka Having locked out a room at the Record Plant for awhile now, wanted his own creative space. When the old Technicolor building in Hollywood came up for lease, thought it would be the perfect building and location. What was envisioned there was a one-stop shop for songwriting, music production, mixing, video production, and a green screen sound stage. It's a multimedia laboratory for collaborative creative endeavors. When construction is completed on the facility, there will be a total of three recording studios. A custom designed production studio for, a traditional tracking and mixing studio, and a smaller writing studio for guest writer-producers. A large live room will be shared by's studio and the guest writing studio. The studios and live rooms were designed by Vincent Amaury Van Haaff. Audio Perception will be planning and wiring all the studios, but it will take some time for construction to be completed. In the meantime wanted a temporary setup to work with in the guest writing studio. For the temp studio, Audio Perception setup a new Apple MacPro, Avid Pro Tools HDX with an Avid I/O, a quiet rack for the computer and Avid interface, a few mic preamps, and a pre-release Slate Digital Raven control surface/display. With the temp room up and running for, Audio Perception will soon be planning wiring for all three rooms. Later this year,'s creative vision will become reality. Runnin', running', keep runnin', runnin!!