The Who - 50th Anniversary Tour

The Who 50thAfter completing the hugely successful Quadrophenia 2012/13 tour, Musical Director for The Who, Frank Simes, is knee deep in prepping for their 50th Anniversary Tour. This time the sheer number of potential tracks is quite ambitious, as they’ll have much deeper album cuts to pull out of the hat. For the 50th Anniversary Tour, Frank had to chart out dozens of hits and deep album cuts from the extensive catalog The Who has produced over the past many decades. He called on Jason Atkinson and Audio Perception to help prep album tracks in Digital Performer for the upcoming rehearsals. This way, Pete, and or Roger will not need to be present for much of the rehearsing, as they can reference the album tracks of Pete’s guitar and vocals, and Roger’s vocals. Frank also needed help building up a Kontakt based sample library of various horn parts from album multitrack sessions, as well as assorted sounds for other songs. So Jason and Frank have been working over the past several weeks building the Kontakt samples libraries and working on prep for the upcoming rehearsals. Tour dates for the U.K. and Ireland have been announced, with U.S. tour dates to follow. In a June 30th Rolling Stone magazine interview with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, it was revealed that this will be somewhat of a ‘thank you’ and ‘farewell’ tour. Not so much from making new music, but from the grind of major touring. If you are a fan of The Who, don’t miss this one, it might be the last!