Gary Beers of INXS upgrades his Logic

Garry BeersMusician and songwriter, Garry Beers, has had a long and successful career. As bass player and contributing songwriter in the group INXS, Garry has toured the world over, and saturated radio and TV with catchy songs he’s penned like ‘Don’t Change’, ‘Listen Like Thieves’, ‘Just Keep Walking” and ‘The Swing’. Over the years, Garry has been busy writing songs and music for film and television. Garry’s music career goes back to 1975, when he joined his first band, Legolas Elvin Warrior. In that band he played the acoustic guitar. After studying guitar for nine months, he saw little Improvement. This then led him to try out the bass guitar, and the rest is history. In 1979, INXS was born.

Garry was in need of some upgrades to his writing system, which was a fairly old MacPro1,1. We tracked down a used 8 Core MacPro5,1 for Garry. The migration was straight forward, we cloned the MacPro1,1 system drive to the drive in the MacPro5,1, upgraded the OS and reauthorized plugins as needed. With the newer generation MacPro up and running, Garry’s writing system is now faster and more efficient, and Garry is back to making some incredible music.