An Update for Soulshock

soulshock11With hits for artists like Monica (Before You Walk out of My Life), Toni Braxton (I Love Me Some Him), 2Pac (Do For Love), Craig David with Sting (Rise & Fall), Fantasia (Truth Is), and many more, Carsten Schack, aka Soulshock of Soulpower Productions, is a very busy and in-demand songwriter and record producer. Hailing from Denmark, Soulshock moved to the United States in 1993 to further his music career.

Song productions originate in Studio A, where Soulshock composes the tracks. From there, it moves to the Studio C for tracking vocals and instruments. This work flow allows Soul to continue working on other songs, while tracking happens in Studio C.

For many years now, Studio C was based around a Pro Tools HD system on a G5 running Pro Tools HD8. They wanted to get improved CPU performance in the room, so they purchased a used MacPro, and we sold them a used HD Core card, and did the installation. We also upgraded the Studio C MacPro to Pro Tools HD10, for a more seamless workflow between the two rooms.

With the used MacPro, Pro Tools HD10 and the HD Core installed and running, Steven Anzo, Soulshock’s assistant engineer, has a much snappier system for the tracking room, and the added benefit of both systems running the same version of Pro Tools HD.