Vocal Coach Steven Memel

StevenMemelSeveral months back, while we were manning our exhibitor table at the 2013 Taxi Road Rally event, we had the pleasure of meeting Steven Memel. Steven was a guest speaker at the event. He is based in Los Angeles, and is a well known voice and performance coach with a long list of successful clientele. Steven has coached singers like Adam Levine and Sara Bareilles, as well as speech coaching for Justin Long, Drew Barrymore, and Isabella Rossellini, to name a few. Since our table was parked right outside an exit from the Great Ballroom, we struck up a conversation with Steven. He mentioned that he might  be in need of some assistance with his vocal teaching studio. He had some remodeling done to his home and studio, and just needed some help getting things set up again.

A few months after the Taxi event, we met Steven at his studio. He just has a basic recording setup for capturing lessons. We proceeded to get the gear and computer setup, tested and working.

Steven’s vocal studio is up and running again, and he’s thrilled to get back to work.

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