AP Post projects in festivals and winning awards

Audio Perception Post has been very busy lately. Two films we worked on last year are on the festival circuit. Anti-Samaritan Hotline is a short film written and directed by A. Tad Chamberlain. The film was mixed at APP's downtown Los Angeles 5.1 mix studio by Tad with assistance by David Knauer. The film has already won 2 awards. The first is the 2010 Shocker Award for Overall Excellence, the Shockfest Film Festival’s top award. ASH was nominated for three Shocker awards in total including Best Director. The other award was the CineKink Select Award for Creative Vision in a Short Film at the CineKink NYC Film Festival. ASH has also been shown at numerous other festivals including CineKink in Vegas, Portland and Los Angeles, D.C. and Chicago, and at the Fetsich Film Festival in Kiel, Germany. Another short film APP just completed in December, The Monstrosity, was already in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and it's looks like it will be accepted into 2 or 3 more in the next few months. Check back here or at the Audio Perception Post web site for more info.