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Pro Tools 12.8.2 Release Notes

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1st, 2nd, and 3rd Order Ambisonics Track and Bus Support (Pro Tools HD Only)

  • New 4, 9, and 16 channel tracks and busses in Pro Tools using ambiX channel ordering standard (ACN)

  • Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation included


MIDI Workflow Enhancements

  • Use left and right arrow keys to select MIDI notes in tracks in Notes view in the Edit Window and in the MIDI Editor. Using the Tab (and reverse Tab) with Tab to Transient disabled now only locates to MIDI Clip boundaries. Using Tab (and reverse Tab) with Tab to Transient enabled now moves the edit insertion to the beginning of each next note but doesn’t select it. If in a CC# view with Tab to Transient enable, tab moves the edit insertion to the next CC automation breakpoint.

  • MIDI Merge Release Mode

    • Right Click the MIDI Merge button (or set in Preferences > MIDI) to choose how MIDI controller automation data from pedals is merged into the timeline over existing CC data in modes that are familiar to audio automation: Latch, Latch Until Next Event, Touch

  • CC# values are now displayed in the track view and automation lane selectors to make obvious which given controller is being viewed and edited

  • Store and recall MIDI controller automation lane displays for the MIDI Editor Window using Window Configurations

  • Record enable button added to the MIDI Editor window header to allow selected tracks to be auditioned or recorded to

  • Additional Grid and Nudge size keyboard shortcuts added to facilitate changing these values from a laptop keyboard:

    • Grid: Shift+ “-” and Shift + “=” decrease and increase the grid size respectively

    • Nudge:

      • Mac: Shift+Option+ “-” and Shift+Option+ “=” decrease and increase the nudge size respectively

      • Win: Use Shift+Alt+ “-” and Shift+Alt+ “=” decrease and increase the nudge size respectively

  • Use existing clip snapping edit modifiers (Control and Control+Command on Mac or Win and Win+Control on PC) to snap MIDI clips on Instrument tracks in Clips or Blocks view

  • Scroll the piano roll vertically by hovering the mouse over the Piano Roll on the left edge of the timeline and using a trackpad or mouse wheel

  • Show and Hide the Docked MIDI Editor via keyboard shortcut:

    • Mac: Shift+option+ “=”

    • PC: Shift+Alt + “=”

  • Clutch between “shaped” pencil tool modes and free hand mode using the Command key on Mac or the Control key on Windows

  • Grid mode is now followed when clicking the grabber tool on a MIDI track timeline area while in notes view

  • MIDI Clip boundaries are now displayed in all track views

  • Red recording progress is displayed during MIDI recording in order to see visual feedback on tracks that are currently recording

  • Newly created MIDI clips are trimmed to the nearest Bar|Beat boundary that contains all MIDI events performed during the take to facilitate easier editing after record


MIDI Input Display

  • A new Edit Window and MIDI Editor Window display area shows MIDI input as chords and notes using the Sibelius chord library


Post Mixing and Dolby Atmos® Features (Pro Tools HD Only)

  • Link control for Front and Rear pan parameters allows for true 2 knob panning X Y style panning

  • Right click on the pan shape guides in the Surround Panner window to enable or disable Auto Height Override mode, allowing audition Height Modes for 7.1.2 and Object panning without writing automation to the timeline.

Pro Tools 12.8.2 Release Info

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Avid Knowledge Base
Pro Tools 12.8.2 Release Info

Last Updated : October 19, 2017
Products Affected : Pro_Tools, Pro_Tools_HD


Pro Tools 12.8.2 Release Information

October 18th, 2017

System Requirements and Compatibility with Pro Tools 12.8.2 Software

  • Mac 10.12.6 (Sierra), 10.11.6 (El Capitan) 
  • Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite is not supported with Pro Tools 12.8.2 due to graphical artifact issues--Upgrade to Mac OS 10.11 or 10.12 before installing Pro Tools 12.8.2
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra is still being qualified with Pro Tools 12.8.2
  • Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
  • Additional Compatibility Articles


Please review the following documents for important compatibility information, known issues, error messages, issues resolved, etc.

Media Composer Windows 10 Optimizations and Troubleshooting

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Media Composer can be affected by system settings and other software and hardware drivers installed on your computer.
To optimize the software on your client we suggest the following on Windows 10.

The first thing you should do is run the (ASDT) Avid System Diagnostic Tool's "BaseAnalyzer".  You can download the ASDT below.
Avid System Diagnostic Tools are updated regularly and Avid recommends that the latest version is used wherever possible. The latest version is available from the following link: Avid System Diagnostic Tools
Some users may experience difficulty opening this FTP link in a Web Browser. The following connection details can be used with a standard FTP client to download the latest ASDT installer file:
FTP site:
User: guest
Password: [none required]
If you have installed a previous ASDT version use the builtin update function to update and get the latest available version.

Once you have installed the ASDT.
Find the BaseAnalyzer magnify glass icon.  This will run a verify process and help optimize the client. 

Click Verify All.

Once the BaseAnalyzer is complete, select the failed items and click details on them as you go down the list. 
ASDT failed passed

​If you see a fix button when clicking on the failed items, press this "fix" button to resolve the issue. Sometimes to fix an issue, you must perform a manual operation, you can find these steps in the details button on each failed item.

How to manually activate Sibelius

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*Note; This article applies to Sibelius 7.1 to 7.5, for Sibelius v8.0 and later, please see this separate article.

You are unable to activate Sibelius or the Sibelius License Server. You receive the following error when trying to activate:


This can happen with any of the following:

  • Your computer is unable to connect to the internet
  • Ports 3443 and 443 are being blocked
  • Proxy or other firewall blocking the connection to the activation servers

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Pro Tools MTRX Support

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Activation and Registration

The Activation and Registration process for the Pro Tools | MTRX should start at  After you log in to your Avid Account (or create a new Avid Account) you will be able to enter the Activation Code that is printed on your Pro Tools | MTRX Software Activation Card.  You can enter the hardware serial number in the following step, and when the process is completed you will be able to download the DADman software for your Mac or Windows workstation.

Avid Master Account Login Page:

Downloads and Installation

The DADman software (for your Mac or Windows workstation) is available in your Avid Account after you follow the Activation/Registration steps above.
 Installation instructions will also included in the Avid Account. Additional configuration info can also be found here:


DADman Software Workstation Compatibility:

  • Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), and 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • EuControl 3.5 or higher
  • S6 WSControl 3.5 or higher

Qualified EUCON media applications:

  • Avid Pro Tools 12.7 or later
  • Avid Pro Tools | HD 12.7 or later

Qualified SFP Modules:

  • SFP's that are distributed by NTP and/or Avid are supported (contact your reseller)
  • SFP's from other third parties may not work with Pro Tools | MTRX and are not recommended

Support Resources

Following Activation/Registration you should receive a confirmation email which includes a complimentary Avid Support Code (ASC). If you experience any problems with your hardware or software you can contact Avid Customer Care by going to and entering your ASC, or by calling us at one of the phone numbers found here:

Alternately you can also connect with other customers in our user community:
Avid Pro Mixing General Discussion

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Pro Tools 10/11/12 Co-install Information

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Avid Knowledge Base
Pro Tools 10/11/12 Co-install Information

Last Updated : October 19, 2017
Products Affected : Media_Composer, Pro_Tools

Avid-approved Co-Install Requirements for Pro Tools 12, Pro Tools 11, Pro Tools 10 and Media Composer

Pro Tools 12, Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools 10 Co-install Support Information 

Pro Tools 12.0-12.4 (or any version of Pro Tools 11.x) and Pro Tools 10.3.6 (or higher) can be installed simultaneously under Mac OS 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) or Windows 7.

Avid S6 System Restore

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Avid Knowledge Base
Avid S6 System Restore

Last Updated : October 18, 2017
Products Affected : S6, S6_Master_Module

What are the steps required to restore the S6 Master Module software?
If you don't have the original USB System Restore Flash Drive that came with the S6 system you can create a new one by following these directions:
  1. Download ISO to USB from
  2. Install on a Windows 7 or WIndows 8 PC
  3. Run ISO to USB and click the Browse button then select the S6 .ISO file you downloaded from your Avid account
  4. Choose FAT32 for File System
  5. Click the box for "Bootable"
  6. Click the Burn button and wait for the application to finish creating the Flash Drive
Once you have a working Flash Drive.

How to activate a Sibelius upgrade?

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Avid Knowledge Base
How to activate a Sibelius upgrade?

Last Updated : October 18, 2017
Products Affected : Sibelius

How to activate a Sibelius upgrade?

*New Sibelius single-user 'upgrade' process changes (from June 18th, 2015) for the new Sibelius are as follows:

*Note; The beginning of the process shown in the YouTube video below this info is essentially the same for the new Sibelius, its just the point where you enter your old serial number or System ID in your Avid account during the upgrade process that's changed a little for the new version.