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Primacoustic Saturna MINI Mini baffle w/ Corkscrew anchors, 8

Primacoustic Saturna MINI Mini baffle w/ Corkscrew anchors, 8

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    Giving you a paintable surface so you can style it in your own color scheme, the Saturna Mini Hanging Ceiling Baffle by Primacoustic is an acoustic baffle designed to reduce room chatter, shorten reverberation time, and improve sound intelligibility in installations in which both sound control and an attractive appearance are important. With a density of 6 lb per cubic foot, Saturna Mini baffles are low frequency absorbers which help you achieve a natural sounding room. The baffles are suspended from the ceiling by means of included mounting hardware.

    These baffles are constructed with two high-density 6 lb / ft³ glass wool panels that are fully encapsulated with micromesh and bound with resin-hardened edges, preventing the minute glass fibers from escaping during the handling process. Each panel is hand-wrapped in a durable, acoustically transparent fabric designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. The two panels are then clamped together with adjustable hanging straps.

    The Saturna Mini baffles have been tested to meet the stringent requirements of public spaces, achieving ASTM-E84 and Can/UL S102 certifications. This makes the Saturna suitable for schools, hotel lobbies, convention centers, airports, houses of worship, and more. They feature a set of pre-installed corkscrew anchors and a set of SlipNot suspension cables to facilitate mounting

    • High performance ceiling baffle
    • Attenuates the reverberant field
    • Balanced absorption down to 125 Hz
    • Architecturally appealing fabric cover
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