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Primacoustic CrashGuard for Sennheiser MD421 CG421 Part#P300 0107 00

Primacoustic CrashGuard for Sennheiser MD421 CG421 Part#P300 0107 00

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  • The CrashGuard™ and CrashGuard 421™ are drum microphone shields

    designed to isolate the drum and reduce the spill from nearby cymbals.

    This allows the engineer to increase the attack of the drum without the

    cymbals becoming overly present.

    Made from high-impact ABS, the light-weight CrashGuard attaches to the

    boom arm and is held in place using the microphone’s clip. The inside or

    underbelly of the CrashGuard is completely lined with high-density open

    cell acoustic foam to reduce internal reflections. The innovative design

    features a cable access port that allows the microphone to be articulated

    for optimum placement.

    The CrashGuard has been tested for fit with many major brands of

    instrument microphones. The CrashGuard 421 has been specially

    designed to fit the classic Sennheiser MD421 microphone.


    • High-density acoustic foam liner

    • High-impact ABS outer shell

    • Innovative rear access cable port


    • Reduces sound of cymbals from spilling into drum mics

    • Allows drum mic to be articulated for precise positioning

    • Improves isolation for added control of each drum

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