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Primacoustic Element Accent, Hexagon, 14

Primacoustic Element Accent, Hexagon, 14

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Primacoustic Element Accent, Hexagon, 14
Primacoustic Element Accent, Hexagon, 14
  • Element Accent Panels from Primacoustic provide efficient sound absorption in a hexagonal design. The panels are engineered to absorb sound echo off walls, floors, and ceilings for clearer sound and improved quality. The panels are small enough that multiple tiles can be hung on the same wall to create unique patterns. 

    The panels are crafted of high-density 6 lb glass wool, giving you an even absorption down to 200 Hz. Encapsulated with micromesh, and sporting resin-hardened edges to eliminate dusting, each Element Accent Panel mounts on your walls using built-in impalers, the implementation of which is similar to hanging a picture. You can easily install these panels with household tools. 

    As with all Broadway panels, Accent begins with high density 6lb glass wool for even absorption right down to 200Hz. All Accent panels are encapsulated with micromesh and the edges are resin hardened to eliminate dusting. The panel is then finished with an acoustically transparent fabric that is both durable and easy to clean. Three architecturally neutral colors have been carefully chosen to integrate with most room decors. And like the rest of this series, Accent panels are Class-A tested to meet ASTM E 84 and Can/UL S102 flame spread and smoke density for safe use anywhere.

    Installation is easy. Accent panels mount directly on the wall surface using Primacoustic Impalers and hang just like a picture. For high traffic areas, adding a dab of construction adhesive sets the panel permanently in place. This means that anyone can install Broadway panels using simple household tools. All you need is a little imagination to create designs that range from graceful curves to dramatic flair. Once in place, Accent panels deliver unsurpassed acoustic performance to control the reverberant field and improve intelligibility.

    Broadway Accent panels deliver the look and feel of high-end custom acoustics with ease, convenience and flexibility and at a price that everyone can afford.

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