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08.20.2014 20:48

Avid releases Pro Tools 11.2.1 update

Avid has released the Pro Tools 11.2.1. update.

Pro Tools 11.2.1 Info and Downloads

This update provides the following fixes

- When using the Import Session Data command, Pro Tools no longer incorrectly copies audio files when “Clips and Media” is not selected in the “Track Data to Import” menu. (PTSW-194293)

- You can now enter a new time position in the Transport Counter during playback. (PTSW-195388)

- Pro Tools no longer quits unexpectedly when creating sessions from templates or importing or rendering audio from an ISIS workspace. (PTSW-195338)

- You can now nudge MIDI notes after they have been marquee-selected using the Grabber tool. (PTSW-195626)

- Pro Tools no longer stops working when you play back a session, and then reactivate an inactive track that contains a send. (PTSW-195172)

- Pro Tools no longer quits unexpectedly after selecting “Expand Channels to New Tracks (by match Criteria).” (PTSW-192725)

- Plug-in delay compensation now works correctly. (PTSW-195299)

- When routing multiple outputs from a virtual instrument on an Instrument track to multiple Auxiliary Input tracks, the destination Aux tracks are now correctly delay compensated and remain time-aligned. (PTSW-188341, PTSW-190873)

- It is now possible to view automation lanes of plug-in parameter whose names contain more than 31 characters. (PTSW-195113)

- Audio waveforms are now correctly updated when waveform view is fully zoomed out. (PTSW-195086)

- The "Trim Clip to File Boundaries" command now affects only selected clips. (PTSW-193874)

- Parameter values in AAX plug-ins are now displaying correctly on control surfaces. (PTSW-195073)

- Master Fader track metering on HDX systems now works correctly. (PTSW-194044) If “Plug-in Controls Default to Auto-Enabled” is selected, recalling settings of a multi-mono plug-in now consistently recalls the playlist values for those controls. (PTSW-194043)

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