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Focusrite RedNet 4 - 8 channel Mic/Line AD

RedNet 4 - 8 channel Mic/Line AD

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  •  RedNet 4 from Focusrite is an eight microphone preamp equipped, remote controlled audio interface that uses the Dante digital audio networking system to bring studio quality sound to any modern audio application. The unit features Focusrite microphone preamps with phantom power and 24-bit A-D conversion for excellent audio performance, with 119 dB of dynamic range at sample rates up to 192 kHz. Other functions include switchable line inputs, DI inputs on channels 1 and 2, and per channel high pass filtering.

    The RedNet system was designed for use in multiple audio applications, from live sound rigs to multi-room recording studios, houses of worship, audio distribution installations, post production environments and anything in-between. The system is scalable and delivers near zero latency audio distribution, with the ability to expand I/O channel count, interface digital components, and/or bridge between Pro Tools HD or MADI and a Dante audio network.

    There are three methods of connecting the RedNet 4 to a computer using a single Ethernet cable. These are via an optional RedNet PCIe card (for ASIO and Core Audio applications), directly into the computer's Ethernet port using DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard) software where near zero latency is not essential, or through an existing RedNet 5 interface for connecting directly to Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools HDX and Pro Tools HD Native.

    Dante enabled, eight Focusrite "RedNet" microphone preamp equipped digital audio converter
    Eight line inputs and two front-panel instrument inputs
    Independently switchable, per-channel phantom power
    Suitable for live sound rigs, multi-room recording studios, houses of worship, audio distribution installations, post production environments, and more
    24-bit conversion at up to 192 kHz sample rates, with JetPLL jitter-reduction technology
    Connects to a computer via single Cat6 Ethernet cable
    Remote control via RedNet software
    2U rackmount chassis
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